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The traditional legal department is faced with mounting challenges. Technology, the acceleration of which business decisions are made, and an uncertain regulatory environment have reinforced the need for legal departments to build greater variability into their business models in order to adapt and modernize.

Via our network of lawyers and compliance specialists, Interim Legal enables legal departments to transform by adopting a more flexible and efficient legal support model, thereby answering many of today’s unique challenges posed to this industry.

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Introducing a new approach to legal careers

Access to greater flexibility and more meaningful work:

The expectations of legal and compliance professionals are changing. The need for greater flexibility and the ability to work in your chosen specialty are necessary components for many of today’s legal and compliance professionals.

How Interim Legal can help you realize your career goals:

Interim Legal offers a new career option for legal and compliance specialists seeking greater flexibility in how and when they work, coupled with meaningful work that is directed to their chosen area of practice or interest. We will offer you specific projects that match your experience and interests, and you decide whether it fits into your current availability.

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About Us

Behind a new and alternative model for solving legal challenges stands an organization with a commitment to and understanding of the Swiss market.

The company is founded by Sebastian Fanai-Danesh, CEO, and Marc Widmer, principal capital investor.

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