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Case Study: Additional bandwidth and paternity cover

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The organization offers a variety of medical and consumer skin health solutions. They operate from different countries and maintain their headquarters in Switzerland.

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In 2022, the legal function of this organization sought paternity leave cover for a member of its team, while in 2023, the team faced a challenge with increasing and complex business demands, alongside unforeseen matters, which prompted the need for experienced legal support. The selected individual would be responsible for providing legal advice and direction in various areas such as marketing, key initiatives, and complex commercial contracts. The primary challenge was to identify a skilled legal specialist with in-house expertise to quickly integrate into the organization’s legal operating model without any difficulties.

Interim Legal’s specialized and customized approach:

Over 1000 Legal and Compliance specialists are part of Interim Legal’s talent network. In collaboration with the Global Legal Lead, Interim Legal delved deeper into the duties, responsibilities, and necessary qualifications required to support the legal department and find the appropriate candidate to cover the assigned time period.

A suitable lawyer with extensive in-house experience in the Swiss Life Sciences industry was proposed and successfully filled in as paternity cover, providing indispensable support to the legal department. As a Senior Legal Counsel, the candidate offered valuable guidance on matters such as advertising and promotional materials, sales and marketing initiatives, as well as complex commercial contracts. Furthermore, the Interim Legal candidate proactively engaged with the client’s business to ensure that all legal requirements and company policies were adhered to.


The legal department achieved significant cost and time savings by engaging Interim Legal’s services, as opposed to working with conventional external counsel. The skilled capacity support provided by Interim Legal ensured that the client maintained the efficiency of its legal operations and received high-quality legal advice.

The proposed Interim Legal candidate’s engagement was extended beyond the initial time period, and they continued to provide support to the legal department for several additional months.

We were thoroughly impressed with the speed and quality, as well as the flexibility and willingness to accommodate our needs, of Interim Legal. They have proven to be a dependable and trustworthy partner, and I am delighted to consider them for future engagements as well.

Global Legal Lead

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